Comprehensive vs. Limited Coverage

What's the difference? This page will give you a clear breakdown of what comprehensive coverage is vs. basic coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

Higher Premiums (Higher Cost)
Best for high risk individuals or there's an expectation of more out of pocket expenses if you're not covered.
Benefit & Liability
Deductabile liability (much like PPO plans).

Visiting Doctors & Hospitals
It's suggested to visit a doctor in-network if a PPO network is available.
Travel Coverage (Non-Healthcare)
You will have to check your policy plan details. Many offer additional services in their plans (trip cancellation coverage, lost luggage, terrorist attacks, etc.)

Limited Coverage

Lower Premiums (Lower Cost)
Best for low risk individuals who only need minimal medical coverage
Benefit & Liability
All treatment and service costs are pre-determined.
Visiting Doctors & Hospitals
Any doctor can be visited and your plan will pay the pre-determined limit per visit.

Travel Coverage (Non-Healthcare)
No coverage outside of healthcare is provided.

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