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Amazing Amazon Travel Purchases

A list of helpful travel purchases found on Amazon.

4 min read
Jewish Travel Bloggers

This list of Jewish travel bloggers will inspire you to travel without abandoning your Jewish beliefs.

4 min read
Reconnect With Your Wildside - Movies To Inspire An Outdoor Adventure

Get inspired to get outside. With summer coming to an end and the workdays getting longer, it’s time to push the boundaries. This list of rigorous adventure movies will inspire you to get out the door and end the summer with your biggest adventure yet.

4 min read
Dark Tourism: Europe (Travel Series Pt. 4)

Forget your beach towels and pack your courage and walking shoes. These European dark tourism destinations will make your blood freeze. Learn more here

4 min read
Dark Tourism: United States (Travel Series Pt. 5)

Are you looking to learn more about the harrowing parts of the history of the United States? Keep reading to get introduced to dark tourism sites you can’t miss

5 min read
Travel Bloggers With Physical Disabilities

A list of travel bloggers with physical disabilities and a brief description of their content.

3 min read
Memories To Last a Lifetime - Travel Journal

Planning the perfect trip can take months, especially when coming up with the perfect itinerary. You plan out every moment perfectly. But once you arrive at your destination, it is easy to whiz through your list of “to do’s” without truly enjoying the experience. An easy way to slow down and enjoy your trip is by keeping a travel journal!

3 min read
Dark Tourism Southeast Asia (Travel Series Pt. 3)

Besides beaches and cuisine, Southeast Asia is known for its dark history. Want to know which must-see spots you have to visit on your next trip? Click here

4 min read time
Resources for Travelers with Physical Disabilities

Everyone should be able to travel despite the world's lack of inclusion for those who are a part of minority groups-- like those with physical disabilities. Thankfully, there are various groups and individuals who recognize this issue and have created resources for travelers with physical disabilities. Click to read more!

Dark Tourism: Africa (Travel Series Pt. 2)

Known for several dark chapters in its history, this continent hosts some of the darkest travel spots. Want to know which ones are a must? Click here to find out.

4 min read
The Ultimate Guide to Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is a one-stop destination for all things adventure. Whether you love hiking or can surf all day, Hawaii has it. Foodies and beach chillers alike can enjoy the island with an unlimited amount of fun.

10 min read
Reconnect With Your Wild Side - Movies to Inspire an Outdoor Adventure

Get inspired to get outside. With summer coming to an end and the work days getting longer, it’s time to push the boundaries. This list of rigourous adventure movies will inspire you to get out the door and end your summer with your biggest adventure yet.

4 min read
Solo Female Travel Pt. 2 - Once You Get There

You booked your accommodation, got travel insurance, and are on the way to that dream solo destination. Wondering how to stay safe while there? Learn more here.

3 min read
Resources for Traveling While Jewish

From blogs, to travel resources, to apps - there are a lot of resources for Jewish travelers on the web. Read more to find out the best way to prepare yourself for an upcoming trip if you are Jewish!

3 min read
How Travel Insurance Can Benefit DACA Recipients

The United States has the most expensive health care costs in the world, so for immigrants who are fleeing their home countries for a better life in the United States it is clear they can probably not afford it.In the United States we have things like medi-cal and other federal health care plans that are “affordable” healthcare options. However, immigrants and their families do not have access to these plans.

5 min read
Surfing Canterbury, New Zealand - The Best Surf Spots for Christchurch Tourists

New Zealand is known for its amazing scenery, ocean views, snowy mountains and friendly people. Sometimes all included in one shot! The surf culture is no different. As an island country, there are endless breaks surrounding the beautiful country. From long beach breaks, to hideaway spots on private farms, New Zealand offers endless waves. And unlike Southern California surf culture, New Zealanders, better known as Kiwi’s, are not territorial and more than happy to show you around their favorite spots.

4 min read
Resources Every Solo Traveler Needs

Traveling solo is not for everyone but there are some benefits according to those who do. Some describe it as an almost religious experience. Whether you’re backpacking across Europe or on a roadtrip across the United States there is something to be said about experiencing new things by yourself. Read on to learn about some resources to prep you on your next solo travel trip.

6 min read
Working On Board a Cruise Ship: the Pros and Cons

There are some definite pros and cons to working as a crewmember that I know all onboard staff will agree with, and if you’re thinking sailing off into the sunset, it’s best you learn about them ahead of time. Read on to get your nautical knowledge underway!

5 min read
Quarantine Playlist: Top 5 Travel Shows to Get You Through

“Travel-TV” is one of the main pillars of my personal corona survival guide and I’m so excited to be able to share with you some of my favorite programs! Read on for some serious vicarious living, but careful of that good ol’ travel bug; I’ve got a serious case of it myself, these days.

4 min read
Solo Female Travel Pt. 1 - Before You Go

Traveling solo as a woman might seem scary, but it is all about researching and planning. Not sure where to start? This guide is here to help. Check it out!

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