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People who are part of minority groups often don’t see representation of themselves in the media and that includes travel. Not many travel ads or campaigns are geared toward people with disabilities, and if they are they are most likely not created by someone who has a disability themselves. Having representation is extremely important, but making sure that representation is accurate is just as significant. This is why travel bloggers are so essential, because they personalize the experience of traveling, and if they are a part of a minority group then they help cultivate an accurate representation for that (often excluded) community. 

Brett Approved Blog 

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This blog features posts written by the Cofounder and CEO of brettapproved who is physically disabled himself. The blog has posts about more than just travel and some written by other bloggers. Not only that, but you can go to the main page and use some of the other resources, like searching for accessible restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues.

Gimp on the Go 

Photo credit: Gimp on the Go website

This blog features travel reviews, tips, and resources for travelers with disabilities. The blog posts are written to be a review of the travel destination from the perspective of a disabled person. This is not only informative but motivational and inspirational for disabled travelers who may worry that they can’t travel. The website also has a photo gallery full of pictures submitted by readers of them on their trips. 

Rexy Edventures

Photo credit: Rexy Edventures

This blog was started by Ed Rex who is a travel blogger who just so happens to be deaf. His blog features cool articles, tips, and resources for all travelers, but also has a section labeled “Deaf Travel.” Under that tab you’ll find blog posts about deaf travel tips/experiences as well as some tips for deaf people in general. 

The Chronic Traveller

Photo credit: The Chronic Traveller

Jenny Wren started her travel blog in 2018 and wanted it to focus on chronic illnesses, however, her blog also features articles about disabilities and other invisible illnesses. You can search her blog by category, so whether you want to read blogs about a specific destination (Europe, Asia, etc.) or about accessibility (bathrooms, ramps, etc.) she most likely has a blog post for you. 

Spin the Globe

Photo credit: Spin the Globe

Sylvia Longmire has traveled to 57 countries, most of which, in a wheelchair. She didn’t let her multiple sclerosis stop her from traveling, and what she hopes her travel blog will do is inspire and let others with disabilities know that they can travel as well. She does this by writing about wheelchair access, whether it be in blog, her book, or for other publications like The New York Times. She even has a boutique agency called Spin the Globe/Cruises where they help people with disabilities like hers, that require a wheelchair, to safely and easily book a cruise they know will have all the accommodations they need. Blog

Photo credit: website is a website where you can buy, sell, or rent a wheelchair van, but they have a blog on their website that features blog posts with great advice about wheelchair vans and other types of accessible vans. This can be helpful for travelers with a physical disability who are wheelchair-bound and hoping to take a road trip. 

World on Wheelz

Photo credit: World on Wheelz website

World on Wheelz is a great travel blog for physically disabled travelers. The blog features travel accessibility reviews, tips, and pictures. Some of the destinations they have already written about include parts of Europe, The United States, Canada, The Caribbean, and more. 

The term disabled person is a general term meant to describe a person with a disability, but as I am sure you know there are so many different kinds of disabilities. Like most minority groups, those who are part of the disability community are all very different from each other, but they share the struggles of living in a world that makes their life difficult. This common struggle is what creates this community of people who share what they have learned in order to make life a little bit easier for others who may struggle with the same issues. So, for those of you who may have a physical disability these are some wonderful travel bloggers you can look to for advice and inspiration. I am aware there are many more people who are part of the disability community that do not have a physical disability, but there are other resources out there for you that may not pertain to those with physical disabilities and that is worthy of its own blog post. 

Rayleen Silva

Rayleen is currently a student studying Journalism at Cal State University, Northridge. Her passion lies with social issues, using writing as a medium to contribute and learn more about what communities are facing.

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