The Guide to Where to Eat in Athens: Traditional Greek & International Cuisine

Welcome to vibrant Athens, where the ancient and the modern coexist in the tastiest way possible! You're in for a treat if you're a young tourist on a tight budget looking for the top restaurants in this exciting city. With countless selections ranging from authentic Greek cuisine to cutting-edge fusion meals that will blow your mind, Athens is a food lover's delight. But with so many options, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Because of this, we've done the research and compiled a list of the best restaurants that strike the ideal mix of flavor, ambiance, and price. 

The culinary scene in Athens reflects how the city has been shaped by the history and variety of the world's civilizations over the years. I discovered that there were two main sorts of restaurants that stood out as I wandered the city: traditional Greek cuisine and international cuisine.

So, whether you're craving a traditional Greek meal or something more adventurous, Athens can accommodate you. This city is undoubtedly a foodie's dream thanks to its fascinating history and varied cultural influences.

Traditional Greek Food Places

The tavernas and family-run restaurants that have been serving traditional Greek food for decades fall under the first group. With foods like moussaka, souvlaki, and tzatziki that are prepared with the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection, these locations provide a genuine experience of Greece. The greatest of Greek cuisine will be available to you without breaking the bank. The list is really not in a particular order, all of them are great.


Exostrefis is a restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere in addition to outstanding traditional Greek cuisine. The setting is what makes this spot special; it is surrounded by forests, which provides it with a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the middle of the city. The cuisine is incredibly delicious and offers a variety of exquisite selections that will fill any appetite. 


Giosouroum is Athens' best-kept secret if you're looking for a hidden treasure. The meal served at Giosouroum is authentic Greek food at its finest; it is flavorful, filling, and prepared with care. And even though the cuisine is excellent, the rates are fairly reasonable, making this a wonderful choice for tourists on a tight budget. Giosouroum is unique not just for its cuisine, but also for its ambiance. The tavern has a warm, inviting atmosphere that gives you chill vibes. Great place for eating, drinking, and enjoying a chill night out.


Rakoumel is a vibrant and bustling eatery in the heart of Athens' Exarchia neighborhood. The atmosphere is friendly, and the food is made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The zucchini flowers stuffed with rice and meat dishes are standouts, and the local cheese is a must-try. Despite its prime location, Rakoumel keeps its prices reasonable, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for an authentic dining experience in Athens.

Kypseli Kalamaki

For those seeking authentic Greek street food in Athens, Kypseli Kalamaki is a must-stop location. The place, which is located in the lively and diverse district of Kypseli, offers mouthwatering souvlaki, gyros, and other sorts amazing grilled meat. It is a well-liked restaurant among locals since the flavors are genuine and the quantities are large. The ideal location for filling your appetites for authentic Greek street food is Kypseli Kalamaki, whether you're looking for a quick snack or a full meal without spending a ton.


A fantastic assortment of mouthwatering dishes that are both fresh and delicious are available at this beautiful and rustic restaurant. Everything on the menu, from the fava beans to the spinach and spring greens pastry, is prepared with premium ingredients and cooked to perfection. The owner's suggestions are right on. White wine is a great match with the dinner, and the wine selection is similarly good. The owner is really welcoming and helpful throughout the dining experience, and the service is superb.


In Athens, Rafiki is a little-known gem that deserves your attention. This restaurant offers enormous flavors and an extraordinary eating experience despite its small and cozy size. The personnel is helpful, and the setting is tidy and welcoming. Although the amounts are generous and the costs are reasonable, Rafiki genuinely stands out for its flavor. It is a must-visit location for foodies and cheap travelers alike because each meal is expertly prepared and brimming with flavor. Check out Rafiki if you're searching for a top-notch dining experience in Athens.


You must visit Atlantikos if you enjoy seafood and are in Athens. The only seafood establishment in Athens that can equal the quality and freshness of seafood from Greek islands is this place. Every item at Atlantikos is a joy for the taste senses, from the wonderful Greek salad to the mouthwatering fried seafood plate and fantastic grilled calamari. Cats that are friendly stop by the eatery, which is situated in a cute alley. The rates are also exceptionally low, which makes it the perfect destination for travelers on a tight budget. 

International Food Scenery

As a result of its history as a cosmopolitan city, Athens is also home to a thriving international food scene. Athens has attracted visitors from all over the world as a result of its long history as a center of trade and commerce, which has led to the development of a wide variety of international restaurants. You can find anything in Athens, from sushi to burgers, from Mexican tacos to Indian curries. And trust me, they are GOOD!

El burro tacos y tequila

In search of some genuine Mexican food in Athens? Even though it wasn't on any lists of the "Top Mexican Food," (which it should be) the flavors and ambiance of this restaurant absolutely blew me away. You can sense the love and attention that the chef puts into each dish because he prepares all of the food and beverages himself. The cuisine is a distinct combination of Mexican and Greek flavors as a result of the owner's trips to Mexico and Central America. In order to have a genuinely unique experience, make sure to visit this restaurant if you're in the need for some wonderful Mexican food in Athens.


In the center of Athens, there is a wonderful little Tibetan restaurant called Chomolungma. It is cozy and colorful. In particular, Tibetan dumplings are a delicacy that you simply must try. The chef and his staff are welcoming, cheerful, and helpful, always happy to offer their expertise in Tibetan cuisine.  For a chance to try them all, order a mix of dumplings.

East Pearl Chinese Restaurant

The dishes at this Asian restaurant are tasty and substantial, and the rates are fairly reasonable. You can watch your food being created thanks to the open kitchen, and the quick, welcoming service is a major benefit. The original Cantonese cuisine, tasty and rich. Overall, this restaurant is a true gem that shouldn't be missed.

Dachafan Asia Food Tea Restaurant

Authentic and tasty Asian cuisine is served at the discreet Dacahafan restaurant. Despite their humble exterior, the dishes are bursting with authentic flavors and big servings that will fill you up completely. You'll be transported to Hong Kong by the restaurant's cozy atmosphere, food, and music. The dumplings are absolutely delicious and must be tried. The staff is courteous and attentive, and the service is first-rate. In conclusion, a wonderful dining experience that you shouldn't miss.

Dao Vietnamese Cuisine

Dao Vietnamese Cuisine is a humble, cozy eatery with excellent food and service. I tried their beef Pho since I couldn't resist, and every bite brought me back to Vietnam. Both the pricing and the meal quantity were excellent. The restaurant has a wonderful ambiance, and the helpfulness of the employees just enhances it. For anyone seeking delicious and authentic Vietnamese food, I heartily recommend Dao Vietnamese Cuisine.


Even though Jackaroo doesn't serve food from around the world, their sandwiches are fantastic.  They even have a Big Mac replica that's surprisingly good. The sandwiches, brioche, and chicken burgers at this restaurant are the greatest you'll ever have. The best thing, though? It's inexpensive! I promise you won't regret trying Jackaroo. One of the best fast food restaurants around, you can fill up for just 3–4 euros.

In conclusion, the food scene in Athens is diversified and vibrant, offering options for all tastes and price ranges. There are various options to discover, ranging from traditional Greek food to delicacies from around the world. In this bustling metropolis, you can find everything from gourmet dining to quick bites. So don't be afraid to indulge in Athens' culinary offerings and explore the city's numerous undiscovered attractions.

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