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Traveling as a minority is a different experience, and that is something those who are part of the Jewish community know well. At times they are told to hide things like their yamakas or Star of David necklaces-- depending on where they are visiting-- but having to be asked at all is insulting. Imagine being told you have to hide who you are because there are groups of people who loathe you for your religious practices. 

Not only is clothing an issue, but many hotels and other accommodations not accommodating. It is rare when traveling that there are acceptable arrangements made for Jewish travelers who need kosher meals. Living in a world where your needs are merely an afterthought can be frustrating when all you want is to be able to enjoy your vacation. 

It should not be expected that your religious beliefs be abandoned simply because others view it as an inconvenience at times. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to travel and continue practicing Judaism. As a result, there have been some resources for Jewish travelers to help them continue their practice of Judaism while traveling. One small sample of the resources out there is Jewish travel blogs. While there are not many specifically Jewish travel bloggers there are more travel bloggers who sometimes discuss Jewish travel and some Jewish bloggers who sometimes discuss travel. However, I would like to focus on Jewish travel bloggers. 

World Jewish Travel

World Jewish Travel is a travel blog that encourages Jewish travel but also promotes Jewish culture in travel. Their website is currently down so you can check out some of their posts on their Facebook page. 

Yeah Thats Kosher

Yeah Thats Kosher is a travel blog that is dedicated to providing tips on kosher travel and sometimes more. This crowdfunded site is full of kosher travel stories that just might help you on your next travel adventure. 

Amazing Journeys

Amazing Journeys while this blog is not targeted entirely toward Jewish travelers they do have a wide selection of blog posts written by and for Jewish travelers. The website also features pre-planned Jewish experiences. So if you are a Jewish traveler looking for some inspiration and advice for your next trip then this is a great place to go. 

Jewish Traveler

Jewish Traveler is a Jewish travel blog originally written in Hebrew (but can be translated on google chrome) and started by Yaakov Maor. Maor is a journalist and speechwriter who is sharing the travel knowledge he has accumulated while traveling for work. When traveling he likes to focus on the Jewish outlook whether it be, kosher restaurants, synagogues, educational institutions, and more. 

It is a shame there are not more resources, and that these resources are needed at all, but unfortunately, they are needed for some. So, if you are a member of the Jewish community and you are hoping to travel then try checking out some of these Jewish travel bloggers as they provide tips and resources based on their personal experiences traveling while Jewish. 

Rayleen Silva

Rayleen is currently a student studying Journalism at Cal State University, Northridge. Her passion lies with social issues, using writing as a medium to contribute and learn more about what communities are facing.

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