3 Corona Getaways Calling Your Name

Humans are curious and untameable creatures. We thrive on the freedoms of our wills; the ability to go where we choose, when we choose not the least among them. For so many of us, traveling is an integral part of that. Looking forward to our trips helps us get through many of the mundanities of daily life, and the loss of this ability now can exacerbate the feelings of claustrophobia we’re all experiencing.

The desire to get out and explore is natural, and at a time where it feels like the option to has been taken away from us, many folks are turning to “mini vacations” to rejuvenate their senses of independence and wanderlust. If you have been dreaming of breaking out of your isolation bubble (beyond your front lawn), here are 5 ideas for social-distance-safe trips to get you back out into the world and traveling to your heart’s content.  


Road Trips are a great idea, pandemic or not. There are so many incredible places to see beyond major cities, and there’s no time like the present to get behind the wheel and just get lost. If you want to upgrade your journey on wheels, think about renting an RV.

Recreational Vehicles are amazing mechanisms built to cover a lot of ground without having to resort to outside services. Instead of risking it at a motel or inn along your route, stay in the comfort of your own vehicle. If you’re traveling with a larger party, many RV’s offer versatile designs that enable sleeping options for up to 7+ people, not to mention cooking appliances and in-house bathrooms.

That’s a bit of a step-up from gas station bathroom sponge baths, no? To find what size RV is right for you and your crew, check out this guide from Trip Savvy and get rolling!

Get behind the wheel and feel the wind in your hair and the breeze on your fingers.

To Camp or to Glamp

If your four walls aren’t doing it for you, imagine sleeping under the stars, roasting marshmallows around a fire, or telling ghost stories from your sleeping bag. You don’t have to go far to go camping; this cozy getaway could be as close as a click away! You can easily locate your nearest campground at the Kampgrounds of America site.

Sound a little too rustic for you? The fine folks over at KOA have just the solution: Glamping! A blend of glamour and camping, “glamping has gained popularity over the last decade as yet another way people can enjoy camping.

KOA is always looking for ways to elevate the camping experience for those looking for something extra, from Deluxe Cabins to Airstreams, cabooses, yurts, teepees and more.” Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Head over to the KOA site to find your ultimate glamping experience!

The glamping accommodations aren't too shabby.


If you’re looking for a more all inclusive experience, consider staying in a local hotel. Many hotels have amped up their cleaning and social standards to meet the sanitation requirements of Covid-19, such as enforced social distancing in dining and recreational areas, mask-wearing regulations for staff, and in some cases, self-check in processes.

According to John Marroni, president and owner of National Restoration, specializers in Covid-19 emergency response, if you’re nervous about the cleanliness level in regards to Covid, you should first check your room’s bathroom(s) and heating vents to see if they are clear of dust and dirt because these are the locations that require sterilization in order to receive a certificate of disinfection.

Always keep in mind that when it comes to Covid, you and your loved ones are more at risk when you increase contact with others, as it is a respiratory virus. If you want to limit your proximity to others, try room service instead of dining in, wear masks whenever possible, and try to keep 6 feet of distance between you and those outside your social circle at all times.

You can probably find a great rate at your local motel or hotel.

Isolation is a tricky thing for everyone, but especially those among us that thrive on exploring all corners of the earth, unrestricted and unrestrained. Continuing to strive for that kind of stimulation can be the difference between getting through this period and flourishing.

These are just 3 of the countless ways to keep adventuring during this time, if you have any more, please feel free to let us know at info@coveredtraveler.com. Hearing from you helps us to help you have the best trip possible (but we also just love new friends).

Until next time, Travel Safe, and Travel Covered!

Alexa Lieberthal

Alexa Lieberthal is a professional actress, singer, and writer from Boston, MA. Though her passions are many, and range from fitness to Star Trek, the biggest of all is travel. Alexa is based in NYC, but has spent the past 4 years exploring and performing in places all over the world, including Western Europe, the Caribbean Islands, and the U.K. Most recently, she spent two years seeing the world by working aboard AIDA Cruises, singing and sailing and savoring the earth. The next place on her travel bucket-list is Berlin, Germany! You can follow Alexa's adventures on Instagram @ny.see and her website areneeact.com.

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