Muslim Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow

Almost everyone wants to travel, however, not everyone’s experience is the same. Members of certain minority groups require accommodations and often face prejudice from those who do not, and do not want to, understand them. Members of the Muslim community are one example of a minority group that faces any obstacles when trying to travel.

This unfortunate fact means that they need different resources when planning and going on a trip, and sadly, once again, there are not many mainstream resources for them. However, there are some beautiful members of the Muslim community who share their traveling experiences online and also provide travel resources with others from within their community.

Muslim Travel Girl

Credit: Muslim Travel Girl

This blog, run by Elena, is one of the most well-known Muslim travel blogs. Elena helps Muslims by providing tips on how to travel halal without spending so much money. Aside from giving travel hacks her goal is to encourage Muslims to travel and show the world that Muslims are “pretty cool people.”

The Tudung Traveller

Credit: The Tudung Traveller

Atikah blogs about her travel adventures all from a Muslim woman’s perspective. Not only does she write about her travels but she also writes about her spiritual and mental health.

Have Halal Will Travel (HHWT)

Credit: Have Halal Will Travel (HHWT)

This blog is a great resource for Muslims who would like to travel in Asia. The blog features halal food options and a travel itinerary for Muslims travelers.

Tharik Hussain

Credit: Tharik Hussain

Tharik is not just a muslim travel writer but also a journalist, author, and consultant. He writes about topics such as, hidden Muslim heritage trails and Muslim-friendly travel guides. You can find his articles on his website but they have also been published by many different publications like Arab News and My Salaam.  


Credit: Hijabiglobetrotter

Kareemah’s blog follows her travels all from a Muslim woman’s perspectives. Her blog features tips and resources for Muslims to help them travel without compromising their faith. Not only does she create content to encourage more Muslims to travel, but she also wants to show people that it is possible to do without working a traditional job.

Dina Tokio

Credit: Dina Tokio

Credit: Dina Tokio

Dina is not the most strict and traditional Muslim woman but she is still a Muslim woman nonetheless, and she has been creating content for years that can be helpful to other Muslim women. She vlogs about her travels on her youtube channel and her instagram is full of posts that will inspire you to travel.

Like many minority groups the Muslim community has been lumped together in one bunch, however, they are all very different people. Not all Muslims are Arab and not all Muslims practice their religion exactly the same, but they are linked by the prejudice and struggles they deal with.

All of these travel blogger are connected by their faith and love of travel despite any differences and they can all serve as inspiration for Muslim travelers, because you should not allow anyone’s bigotry to keep you from doing what you want-- including travel.

Rayleen Silva

Rayleen is currently a student studying Journalism at Cal State University, Northridge. Her passion lies with social issues, using writing as a medium to contribute and learn more about what communities are facing.

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