Resources for Traveling While Jewish

When it comes to discrimination against minority groups one of the biggest atrocities was committed against the Jewish community. Some may believe that this prejudice died with World War II and the fall of Nazi Germany, but that is like saying racims ended with slavery-- it’s ignorant. When it comes to intolerance towards those in the jewish community there is no shortage.

This can make it difficult for them when traveling. According to an article in The City Journal anti-semetism practices in airlines is not unlikely with some kicking Jewish people off flights for complaints of a “strong odor.” Another article written by a Jewish woman recounting her experience traveling explains that she and other jewish people in her group were urged not to wear any kippahs, star of david necklaces, or any other clothing that might suggest they are jewish in some places in Europe.

Other than the discrimination when traveling there are other issues jewish people face when traveling like eating kosher and praying. As a result, there have been resources created to help jewish travelers.


One great resource for any minority traveler can be travel bloggers from their community. When you have someone to look to for travel advice and resources and they understand where you are coming from it can make all the difference. While there are not too many jewish travel bloggers specifically, I am sure there is jewish bloggers who also travel. That being said, here are a few jewish travel bloggers.

Travel Planning Resources

There are also jewish travel agencies, cruises, and websites with travel tips/resources and planned vacations for jewish travelers.  


There are also apps for members of the jewish community to use regularly, but they can also be extremely helpful when traveling. When it comes to things like praying, holidays, and eating kosher these apps can help.

  • Minyan Now is an app that allows you to communicate with other jewish travelers and form a minyan no matter where you are
  • Siddur Me is great when you are traveling and did not bring your Siddur as it provides prayers for you
  • Shabbat Times provides you with weekly candle lighting and Shabbat ending times depending on your location
  • Community connects people with host families for Jewish High Holiday and Shabbat meals
  • Tefillin Wrapp can connect you with another jewish person who has tefillin for you to wrap, or vice versa
  • Jew Compass shows you what direction Jersuselum is in so you know what direction to pray in
  • OU Kosher helps you find kosher food and the right blessing to go with your meal
  • MyZmanim can help you calculate your in-flight zmanim

Kosher Near Me searches for kosher restaurants, grocery stores, and take-out near you

Rayleen Silva

Rayleen is currently a student studying Journalism at Cal State University, Northridge. Her passion lies with social issues, using writing as a medium to contribute and learn more about what communities are facing.

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