The Best LGTBQI+ Travel Blogs You Need To Follow

The LGBTQI+ community is highly profitable for the travel industry, however, they still face obstacles when traveling in certain places. This is why it is important for people from within this community to have representation. 

Representation is important because it can inspire LGBTQI+ people to travel and learn how to do it safely from someone who actually knows what they may experience. So whether you like luxury travel or backpacking, or want to travel with your community or solo travel, these LGBTQI+ travel bloggers can serve as motivation. 

The Globetrotter Guys

Sion and Ben are a married couple who have been together for 11 years and traveling together for nearly as long. The two have visited over 25 countries and provide blog posts about each new travel destination. They create travel guides with gay-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities. They even seek out locals and interview them to see what life is like for the LGBTQI+ community in that country. 

Credit: The Globetrotter Guys

Travels of Adam

While this is not a strictly “LGBTQI+ travel blog” it is through the lens of a gay man. According to Adam, “I travel because I love to travel, and I just happen to be gay.” Adam provides wonderful travel guides he refers to as the Hipster Guide, and they list all the best restaurants, museums, hotels, and more. He even has a section for LGBTQI+ travelers with LGBTQI+ bars, clubs, attractions, and more.

Credit: Travels of Adam

Two Bad Tourists

Auston and David have been together for 12 years and began their travel journey in 2012. These two have Gay Travel Guides with gay-friendly hotels, activities, and much more. You could use their blog to plan your next trip with the lists of gay cruises, tours, and travel packages they provide. 

Credit: Two Bad Tourists

Dopes on the Road

This travel blog is from the perspective of queer women, Lindsay and Meg, and what it is like to travel for them as part of the LGBTQI+ community. They focus more on luxury and adventure-based travel and provide reviews of various resorts, hotels, motels, and more. They also have a section where they discuss tips and things to consider when traveling as part of the LGBTQI+ community.

Credit: Dopes on the Road

Once Upon a Journey

This nomadic dutch couple, Roxanne and Maartje,has traveled to over 45 countries together. Their blog is highly visual as the two love photography, so not only do you get a written travel journal, but a gallery of photos from their travels. This travel blog is a great resource for lesbians who want to travel. The two not only provide great inspiration, but also give wonderful reviews and tips for lesbians to travel safely.

Credit: Once Upon a Journey

The Gay Globetrotter

Bailey not only provides travel guides and tips for LGBTQ travelers, but ties in his love of food. He even has a “plan your trip” section with advice on how to pack, where to visit, and even ways to find cheap flights. 

Credit: The Gay Globetrotter

The Trans Traveller

While Taylan’s blog does not predominantly focus on travel they do discuss their experiences traveling as a transgender person. Unfortunately, there are not too many transgender travel bloggers, so I am sure it is nice for trangender and transitioning people to have someone to look to for advice when traveling. Taylan uses the blog to discuss their transition and ongoing healing, along with their goal of traveling to all 100 countries. 

Credit: The Trans Traveller

Honestly Nomadic

Jessica’s blog is also not just about travel. Honestly Nomadic discusses topics related to LGBTQI+ issues and travel from the perspective of someone who is currently transitioning. 

Credit: Honestly Nomadic

2 Moms Travel

Lara began this travel blog to discuss what it is like to travel with children as an LGBTQI+ parent. Her blog features tips when traveling as a family and can help you plan your next vacation as 2 Moms Travel is officially a travel company.

Credit: 2 Moms Travel

Happy Campers Wives

Valerie and Jessi are a lesbian couple traveling around the United States in a camper. The two provide tips for road tripping like recipes, campground reviews, places to visit. Not to mention, they blog about their experiences traveling as an out lesbian couple in various states. 

Credit: Happy Campers Wives

Unfortunately, I could not fit all of the amazing LGBTQI+ travel bloggers into one post, but I tried to make it as inclusive as possible. Despite the fact that they are all part of the same group the LGBTQI+ community is full of very different and amazing people whose experiences vary. So, while this list is intended to be as inclusive as possible there are many members of the LGBTQI+ community who may not be represented due to the lack of representation. Over the years representation has grown significantly and it is my hope that it will continue, but in the meantime I hope you can be inspired by one of these LGBTQI+ travel bloggers. 

More LGBTQI+ travel bloggers to check out:

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