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Surfing Canterbury, New Zealand - The Best Surf Spots for Christchurch Tourists

New Zealand is known for its amazing scenery, ocean views, snowy mountains and friendly people. Sometimes all included in one shot! The surf culture is no different. As an island country, there are endless breaks surrounding the beautiful country. From long beach breaks, to hideaway spots on private farms, New Zealand offers endless waves. And unlike Southern California surf culture, New Zealanders, better known as Kiwi’s, are not territorial and more than happy to show you around their favorite spots.

4 min read
Resources Every Solo Traveler Needs

Traveling solo is not for everyone but there are some benefits according to those who do. Some describe it as an almost religious experience. Whether you’re backpacking across Europe or on a roadtrip across the United States there is something to be said about experiencing new things by yourself. Read on to learn about some resources to prep you on your next solo travel trip.

6 min read
Working On Board a Cruise Ship: the Pros and Cons

There are some definite pros and cons to working as a crewmember that I know all onboard staff will agree with, and if you’re thinking sailing off into the sunset, it’s best you learn about them ahead of time. Read on to get your nautical knowledge underway!

5 min read
Quarantine Playlist: Top 5 Travel Shows to Get You Through

“Travel-TV” is one of the main pillars of my personal corona survival guide and I’m so excited to be able to share with you some of my favorite programs! Read on for some serious vicarious living, but careful of that good ol’ travel bug; I’ve got a serious case of it myself, these days.

4 min read
Solo Female Travel Pt. 1 - Before You Go

Traveling solo as a woman might seem scary, but it is all about researching and planning. Not sure where to start? This guide is here to help. Check it out!

4 min read
10 Black Travel Bloggers You Have To Follow

These black travel bloggers are ones that you have to follow. Read on to see their adventures, stories and experiences.

4 min read
Why You Should Study Abroad

Studying in another country is a life changing experience. You might be wondering what are the benefits of studying abroad? Read this and start packing!

6 min read time
The Best Travel-Inspired Recipes to Make While Stuck at Home

Food is the best part of traveling; one of the things I’ve been missing most lately is the experience of tasting a new cuisine for the very first time. Read on for some travel-inspired recipes to help feed the beast of wanderlust all from the comfort (and safety) of your own kitchen.

7 min read
Travel Resources for the Black Community

The black community can face challenges when they're traveling. Read about these important resources if you are a part of the community, and have plans to travel.

4 min read time
Dark Tourism: What, Why, and How (Travel Series Pt. 1)

What is dark tourism? During our trips, it's crucial to engage with the real world and explore modern history at authentic places. Learn about dark tourism now!

5 min read
My Experience Using Travel Insurance

We gathered information on travel medical insurance reviews from a student who studied abroad. Read to learn why is it important to have insurance abroad!

4 min read
Travel Your Favorite Movies

We gathered some all-time classic movies to inspire your next travel adventure. Read on to discover how to virtually “travel” some of our favorite classics.

4 min read
Muslim Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow

Check out members of the Muslim community who share their travel experiences online and also provide great travel resources! Read more to connect!

10 min read
The Best Music Festivals in Europe Year Round

European music festivals are the most epic festivals in the world that cover every genre you can imagine. Read more and get your ticket ready for 2021.

3 min read
A Music Lover's Travel Guide (Travel Guide Series Pt. 4)

In the last part of her series, Lexie will inspire you with musical sceneries of the world. Learn more about what should be your next music destination.

3 min read
Travel Resources for the Muslim Community

Everyone has different needs when traveling. Rayleen gathered travel resources for the Muslim community with the best tips from the experts. Read more!

5 min read
A Cheese Lover's Travel Guide (Travel Series Pt. 3)

Are you a cheese lover that is curious about cheese around the world? Get a peek into the best cheese types from different countries and states. Read more!

4 min read
A Wine Lover's Travel Guide (Travel Guide Series Pt. 2)

Red or white? Wine drinkers all over the world created hotspots for wines of all tastes and shades. Read to learn more about the best wine regions in the world.

5 min read
The Best LGTBQI+ Travel Blogs You Need To Follow

Whether you like luxury or backpacking or want to travel with your community or solo these LGBTQI+ travel bloggers can serve as motivation. Read more!

4 min read
5 Surf Spots to Shred on the West Side of Kauai (Surf Series Pt. 2)

In part two of the surf series, we are exploring the best surf spots in Hawaii. Learn why you should add the West Side of Kauai on your surfing list. Read more!

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